General Description:

  • Provide Advance, Product, & Manufacturing engineering feasibility support for new paint/adhesive systems.
  • Develop supplier RFQ’s. Recommend appropriate/coating/adhesive technologies, quote, reviews/vetting, sourcing decision, and technical discussions with IAC management & OEM’s.
  • Support manufacturing facility
  • Assist IAC plant in racks design and development to achieve optimum loading factors within system application cycle time.
  • Assist in system run-offs and approval processes to assure prompt PPAP based quoted cycle times and OEE.
  • Participate in cost negations pertaining to racks and fixture engineering change costs.
  • Support pre-production system start up at IAC Manufacturing plants during the PPAP process.
  • Provide technical support to IAC Manufacturing plants on troubleshooting existing manufacturing processes and/or product lines to achieve customer quality standards and profit objectives.
  • Assist in optimizing manufacturing efficiency and quality standards through the implementation of improved processes, materials, methods, and facilities.
  • Maintain IAC paint and adhesive equipment standards.
  • Ensure projects are executed with the proper safety devices per OSHA, NFPA, ANSI and IAC Standards.
  • Supporting appropriate plant Kaizen as required.

Position Specific Requirements (PSR)

Physical Requirements:

  • Must have flexibility to work at and travel to IAC plant locations and supplier locations.
  • 30%-40% of time will be spent traveling supporting manufacturing locations



  • BS/BA required.
  • MS/MBA preferred.


  • Requires 8-12 years of experience.
  • 10+ years in paint process/application.
  • Knowledge of basic paint chemistry and solvents.
  • Must understand and able to calculate paint transfer efficiency.
  • Understanding of adhesive characteristic and application.
  • Develops and analyzes statistical data to establish and control all aspects of the assigned processes.
  • Assist in process optimization changes and cost saving opportunities.
  • Review product changes to determine process and equipment changes required with plant process engineer.
  • Investigate product quality changes as well as facility changes needed related to current/new model development.
  • Process planning and modifications (current/new model development) with plant process engineer.
  • Understanding surface treatment methods and process. (Flame, plasma, corona, or adhesion promoter.)
  • Review and interpret OSHA, ANSI, NFPA, or other applicable regulations for new system with plant process engineer.


  • Must have good negotiating skills. Position involves reviewing and establishing tool costs with suppliers and OEM cost analyst.
  • Must be able to work independent of direct supervision, especially when away from the office.
  • Must be able to work as a member of the launch team, be proficient at working with all levels of the organization, while maintaining a sense of individual accountability and responsibility.