Analyzes and measures the effectiveness of existing business process, developing sustainable, repeatable and quantifiable business process improvements.
Collects and analyzes process data to initiate, develop, recommend business practices and procedures that focus on enhanced safety, increased productivity and reduced cost to determine how new information technologies can support reengineering business processes.

Focused on 5's and Lean Manufacturing


    • Effective Communication and leadership


      • Develop Regional Trainings for Six Sigma Internal Certification- MX / US
      • Became the project leader for Six Sigma
      • Approve and validate projects and savings with financial area
      • Detection of opportunities for the execution of six sigma projects
      • Development of six sigma projects in conjunction with plant personnel
      • Development of KPIs for project monitoring


        • +3 years of experience on automotive industry
        • Experience with Excel, PowerPoint, AutoCad, Projects.
        • Black Belt Certification
        • Advanced English
        • Knowledge on Lean Manufacturing and 5's.
        • Valid visa and passport
        • Available to travel